Epic Sail – part 31
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October 7th, 2012

Epic Sail – part 31

Basically, I was thinking about all those stories where an ancient evil or ancient good can only be summoned at just the right moment. And then I thought, “So, those must be boring for dudes, who just sit around waiting to ruin/save the day with nothing else going on. They’re kind of one note characters.” That’s where Nestrom Dragoliath comes from. Although, I hope that was super obvious.

Less obvious is that the Killossus was a name I used in a D&D campaign for the big baddy. It was made up of the bodies and souls of those it crushed in its wake, becoming ever huger. The party didn’t get to even face it first hand, it was so dangerous, but had to help out by uncovering a separate Achilles heel for the Killossus’ owner (a lich’s phylactery FTWK).

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  1. Golux

    King Arthur’s army needs to get out every century and have a good wassail, I think that would be fair. Gotta keep your hidden heroes happy somehow.

  2. ColdFusion

    I love oblique references to things that just SOUND like they fit into the setting.
    I’m going to hold back on further scrutiny of Nestrom’s dragonatomy. what matters is his expressions are priceless.

  3. Ribusprissin

    That reminds me of a story in which a evil wizard casts Trap The Soul on a huge gem, gets the Tarrasque to eat it (trapping it inside the gem) and then becomes a lich using it. “Go ahead, destroy my phylactery and release the Tarrasque, I dare you.”

  4. admin

    Golux – Are you referring to the Knights of the Round Table as “wassailants?”

    ColdFusion – Hoorays!

    Ribuprissin – Wait? The Tarrasque is trapped in a gem that is inside it? Was that an MC Escher story?

  5. Bok

    Seems like fairly standard dragonatomy to me. All dragons worth anything have both wings and arms/forelegs, nevermind that those are the same appendage in the real world. Who cares about that boring old (and, I should add, disappointingly dragonless) place?

  6. Ribusprissin

    The dragon in panel 5 looks like a different dragon to me, I think because his mouth doesn’t reach back as far on his right cheek.

  7. Hoppy

    @Ribusprissin – well, now you’re just being picky… 😛

  8. admin

    Ribuprissin – I hoped no one would notice that we switched Nestroms between panels because the first one walked off set. Our crafts services table wasn’t good enough.

  9. Steve

    I love close-eyed contented expressions. Its funny how no matter what the art style, they always look adorable. Heck, even black mage in 8-bit theater gets one, and the rule still applies.