Epic Sail – part 27
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September 9th, 2012

Epic Sail – part 27

I hope people get this joke. I hadn’t heard of kudzu until I played Magic the Gathering. According to wikipeda: It is a climbing, coiling, and trailing vine native to southern Japan and southeast China. Where it occurs as an invasive species it is considered a noxious weed that climbs over trees or shrubs and grows so rapidly that it kills them by heavy shading.

So basically, it’s a fast growing, strangly weed.

What words have you learned from the games you play?

8 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Jackson

    I learned several words from Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. “Stymie,” “emanation”…I actually got “emanation” right at the state spelling bee by visualizing the screen where Lavos uses its “Evil Emanation” skill.

    I lost that spelling bee on “rotisserie,” despite having passed a Boston Rotisserie Chicken on the way to the bee. Shows what I paid attention to…

  2. Marj

    Back in the 80’s, they said that rows of kudzu protected the garden where Cabbage Patch Kids were born (everything had a backstory in the 80’s).

    For all of my early childhood, I thought that kudzu was a fantasy plant invented by the toy designers.

  3. admin

    Jackson – Nice! Rotisserie is a word that I still wouldn’t know how to spell without having seen you type it. That double s is sneaky!

  4. admin

    Marj – I never heard that before. Kudzu sounds much Kuter in that scenario.

  5. ColdFusion

    there’s a lot of words that generally only come up in fantasy like ‘miasma’ and ‘ichor’… makes me wonder if any modern words will someday be seen as oldfashioned and put in things to make them sound ancient..

  6. admin

    ColdFusion – Like Compact Disc, Telephone, and democracy?

  7. Slimboy

    Kudzu is actually in the Southeast US. There’s a crap-load in GA. It may or may not be a single organism blanketing the state… It’s hella invasive.

  8. Steve

    admin: Nice. For such a depressing bit of humor, it sure made me laugh.
    Also, “Excoriate” from MTG. Not sure which of the two meanings it was using.