Epic Sail – part 25
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August 26th, 2012

Epic Sail – part 25

I liked this ideas so much I used the giant hermit crab shipwreck in my bi/tri-weekly Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Here they’ve cut off one its claws already.

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. erpegis

    Lego figures! Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of it before?

  2. mdf

    Heh. Did you ever read Wishing Season by Esther Freisner?

    There was a genie who concealed herself inside a cat in that book — albeit, that was a temporary plan on her part.

  3. Golux

    Heh, makes sense if you want to get out more often!

  4. admin

    Erpegis – My players love building their personalized figures, upgrading their equipment, and taking apart the bodies of their fallen foes.

    mdf – I have not heard of Wishing Season. I suppose genie hide and seek would be super hard to play as a seeker.

    Golux – yeah, she really likes ruining people’s days.

  5. admin

    Also, my friend Aaron pointed out there is a hermit crab who actually lives in lego http://technabob.com/blog/2012/04/05/hermit-crab-lego-shell/

  6. Mathos

    Love the Cat Genie!