Epic Sail – part 16
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June 24th, 2012

Epic Sail – part 16

There are a lot of buskers that come out in the warm weather in downtown Toronto. We have a silver Elivs, a puppet show, chalk drawers, a funk band, breakdancers, and of course jugglers. I get claustrophobic when I see the jugglers pull unstrung tennis rackets over their body, and down to their waist. Yugh. What’s the best busker you’ve seen?

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  1. Hoppy

    I’ve only seen videos… but there’s this guy in NYC (I think) that drums on a 5-gallon plastic bucket turned upside-down, and uses his feet to lift the bucket and slam it down for a bass-effect. What he does with a pair of drumsticks and that bucket is absolutely amazing.

  2. Lars

    I don’t fell trees in my sleep but I do saw logs.

  3. admin

    Hoppy – You remind me that one day, years ago, I was sketching passer-bys on a street corner and a guy glanced at my book and said “Great stuff” and introduced himself as Johnny Bongos. He assured me he could hook me up with a job doing chalk art in front of clubs.

    Lars – I was waiting for someone to say that!

  4. Tamfang

    I saw a similar drum act in San Francisco.

    And a guy with two fingers playing blues guitar – fretting with his stump and picking with his remaining thumb and index. I only saw him the once, alas, but he was good.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  5. Steve

    admin: I guess you saw that one coming?
    aubergine beard will need to put an entry for this in the captain’s log.