Epic Sail – part 13
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June 3rd, 2012

Epic Sail – part 13

They say it’s bad luck to have women on a boat and good luck if a bird poops on you. I think they have it backwards. What sort of supposedly lucky/unlucky thing seems ridiculous to you?

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  1. Ribusprissin


  2. Nonsensicles

    Accidentally put your shirt on inside out and you’ll have good luck for the rest of the day. Fortunately, you can turn it out the right way before going out without breaking the ‘luck’, but still.

  3. Unreasonable Action

    A bride seeing a chimney sweep on her wedding day is far less likely now, so families rent them out to attend services, which is patently cheating:


    (The reason for it is poor majestic malarkey, too. Have you ever heard of the moth that saved Queen Victoria?)

  4. ChesterCopperpot

    I had a job once where I had to wear a shirt and tie when “corporate big wigs” made an appearance. While at lunch in a park a squirrel pooped on me causing my white shirt to become–ahem–soiled. It also happened to be my birthday. My coworkers thereafter said it’s good luck to get pooped on by a squirrel on your birthday, but nothing lucky happened to me that day. Suffice it to say, no one kept up that saying.

  5. Hoppy

    Yelling “Tofuti!” when someone is rolling dice during a game. Supposed to cause the dice to roll badly for them. In general, doesn’t really work, but me and friends sometimes still do it, anyway. I have no idea who/when/where it started, or even what the word is from, but we’ve been doing it for decades.

  6. admin

    Ribusprissin – Dice are no dice with you?

    Nonsensicles – I think getting a full day of luck would be a pretty great super power.

    UA – I had no idea! Awesome.

    Chester Copperpot- In Toronto we have an albino squirrel around our Trinity Bellwoods Park which you would need good luck to spot.

    Hoppy – Yelling things is fun, no matter what the excuse to let loose. Hoorays!

  7. ColdFusion

    Most good luck tokens seem odd to me.. you see one lying on the ground, pick it up, and gain luck..
    but if that item’s so lucky, how’d the previous owner lose it? A rabbit’s foot doesn’t keep a rabbit too lucky, people who work at the mint picking up pennies aren’t known to be abnormally lucky either..

  8. das

    ColdFusion – obviously they are imbued with luck AFTER they’re first lost.

    Alternatively, a rabbit’s foot is what happens when it runs away from the rabbit and steals all its luck. So you have the luck of one rabbit, while the poor legless rabbit has no luck at all, which one might have guessed from the missing leg part.

  9. Steve

    das:If the rabbit ever had luck, that wouldn’t have happened.
    admin: I have heard that rhyming/punning by accident is good luck. It actually makes sense, because you don’t even need to expend any effort to make jokes.