Monster Manual Monday – O Otyugh

The otyugh (pronounced oh-tee-ugh) are a race of monsters that hang out in sewers and other offal places. If your adventuring party has cleared the dungeons’ kitchens, barracks, throne room, and think you’re safe, just wait til you get the chamber pot chamber. Yuck!

3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. gallowsCalibrator

    Wait…so this thing lives in the chamber pot room, and it’s brown….
    Did you draw a poo-monster?!?!?

  2. admin

    gallowsCalibrator – it’s not made of guano but its probably covered in it

  3. mdf

    As stats go, they’re reasonably tough monsters, too.

    And 90% chance of disease on a bite…ewww.