Monster Manual Monday – H Harpy

Into the D&D grab bag this week we have a harpy. From Greek mythology it’s a cross between a crone and a vulture. They like to eat marrow so I figured a sharpened bone and skull weapon would be up her alley.

4 Awesomes Comments!

  1. ColdFusion

    Good job on the uneven toe lengths, people often forget that on harpies or anything part vulture.. It’s part of what makes them different from your everyday ‘eagle bits’ creature.

  2. admin

    It’s what makes them so hard to buy shoes for.

  3. Solarn

    Wouldn’t a flail made out of a skull be kind of prone to breaking? I guess that would make it a frail, wouldn’t it?

  4. admin

    Solarn – It depends in what you’re hitting with the skull. If you hit metal armour, the flail might shatter. But if you’re hitting flesh and bone, it wouldn’t likely break. Bone is actually pretty strong. Plus, the top of the skull is the hardest bone in the body. But you’re right, against some hardened foes it would be an epic frail.