Monster Manual Monday – G Golem

In Dungeons and Dragons, the golem is a pretty tough customer. You need powerful magic weapons to hurt them. And only a few spells work against them.  And I don’t think they’re ticklish or susceptible to bribes. Mostly they are made them out of flesh (like Frankenstein), clay, stone, or iron but in The Princess Planet you’re more familiar with the snow variety. Here I was definitely inspired by the Batman: Animated Clayface design but mixed with some Dan Seagrave heavy metal album cover art and the idea that there was a kiln inside the clay.

2 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Proteus

    You didn’t mention the best golem in DnD.

    The calzone golem.

  2. admin

    Proteus – For an old issue of Dragon Magazine I drew all sorts of snack food monsters and one was a Pizza Golem!