Rock Ness Mess part 21
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October 30th, 2011

Rock Ness Mess part 21

Part of this dialogue came from a “rap” I wrote a while ago that showed up in one of my comics for older audiences. “I got some chrysanthemums from Ted Danson’s mom, I’m gonna ransom them for a handsome sum, an’ give Marilyn Manson some pants from Sanford and Son, an’ put some ants in them so he can dance like ’em.” Of course, since I avoid pop culture references in the Princess Planet, I just sampled what worked for the gnome king.

3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    I wonder if Chrys knows that Christi has been impersonating (or perhaps working as) the treasure inspector.

  2. Lightbulb

    If not, then Christi might be in for a grounding. After all, impersonating legal officials is a pretty big no no. Or she might just get scolded, or talk her way out of it. Christi never seems to get into trouble she can’t get out of.

  3. Steve

    I doubt that Chrysanthemum would care much as long as it isn’t inconveniencing her personally. I loved the mode of address of “Your slyness”.