Rock Ness Mess part 4
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July 3rd, 2011

Rock Ness Mess part 4

In art college I had to paint an illustration for a children’s book and I did a piece of the Billy Goats Gruff. It was a dynamic up shot, from under the bridge looking at a spooked goat. The teacher looked at the rough and said my bridge’s support post needed more interest so I added a skull to it. She rolled her eyes at my attempt to spruce it up. Whatev’s. Here, in a sequence instead of one static image I don’t think the posts interest is all that important. I think maybe my teacher would have been happy with some gnarly wooden Arthur Rackham-inspired posts. I probably would have been happier with the end product.

One Awesomes Comment!

  1. Ribusprissin

    One of the things I dislike about a certain MMO I play is that, when you make a monster fall into water, it teleports up like that.