Case of the Missing Baby
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April 24th, 2011

Case of the Missing Baby

The first draft of this one had the glasses needed for toasting Christi’s successful completion of her quest but after running it by my buddy Steve we decided a call back was in order. The nice thing about a 6 panel grid is being about to do call backs to earlier in the same strip instead of relying on people’s memory from weeks ago.

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. ColdFusion

    seriously. THere’s a lot of comics I like but I can’t keep track of the plots of because they just don’t update often enough.. of course that’s required for good quality.. YOu have it balanced just right.

  2. admin

    ColdFusion – Aw, thanks!

  3. Golux

    Oh, the English language and all its homonyms and words that have multiple meanings. It’s all about context. And then add on top of that, idioms. All hail confusion. And we wonder why AI remains ever distant in the future.

  4. admin

    Golux – Did you see Watson on Jeopardy? He was pretty good but you’re right that we don’t have Sherlock yet.

  5. Steve

    How is it a case, if there is only 1 missing baby. You could fit 3-4 in a case at least.