Dragon on the Loose
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April 10th, 2011

Dragon on the Loose

About a year ago a comic/book/art retailer told me his best selling art (that was bought by people who weren’t looking for a particular artist) was of dragons and faeries. I didn’t say “I should totally sell out and start doing that!” but I did realize that for a faerie tale fantasy comic I had very few dragon and faerie appearances. So it may be intentional that I use a classic baddy and cutie now and then like this dragon. There’ll be faeries in a couple weeks and then another dragon. I figure I’m due after my longest storyline of the series which was about the most underused undead: the shadow. I was doing my best to make shadows the next zombie. Dragons are cross-cultural goliaths that can’t be ignored or unseated like a zombie or pirate trend. So there you go. That’s why it’s a dragon instead of a Drag-squatch or Juggerfought or something. Plus they’re fun to draw. It’s probably my most asked for con sketch from kids. Unrelatedly, I was thinking about Rufus Hound when I drew the guy in panel 3.

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  1. ColdFusion

    The funny thing about dragons is everyone agrees on the broad strokes, but NOBODY agrees on the fine details.
    Also this comic made me laugh so hard milk came out of someone else’s nose somewhere far away..

  2. Golux

    Heh, when you’re afflicted with Dragons, call in a princess.
    When you’re afflicted with princesses, call in a Dragon.

    Which calls up a question that needs to be answered. What does the aftermath of an overhelpful Princess Christi look like? Or did she just lose it from too many requests for help?

  3. Ribusprissin

    Panels 4 and 5 are hot. I think it’s because you used unusual poses and nailed them.

  4. Ribusprissin

    I’m wondering what that woman’s life is like. “Help, there’s a hole in this bucket!”

  5. admin

    ColdFusion – I know people that could argue the broad strokes, like whether they’re eternally a sign of the “other”, an archetypal monster that needs to be slain or whether it is good if it comes in a different colour.

    Golux – She probably undid all of the things she did for help, like putting the lid on the pickles too tightly.

    Ribuprissin – thanks! Yes, I think the whole town is all about not doing things for themselves. They have a surprising amount of infectious energy to try to get you to do the work for them.

  6. Steve

    So did Christi start dragon her feet.