Painting Theft
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March 20th, 2011

Painting Theft

Alongside stamped (pronounced stam-ted), no erasies, my schoolyard also used King Kong power. What sort of things did you say to make sure whatever you “called” was valid.

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  1. Stamp the Champ

    I love your comic but I’m pretty sure the expression is “stamped it”, not “stam-ted”.

  2. reynard61

    There was a lot of “I’ll murdelize him/her/you!” in my elementary school (*LOTS* of “Three Stooges” fans); but so far as I know, no one ever actually got murdelized.

  3. alestor1mil

    caught up. sigh. i prefer to be playing catch up.

  4. Hoppy

    Well, there was always the old “Shotgun!” whenever you wanted to ride up front with Mom on a shopping trip…. or “123NotIt!!” (said really fast) if you didn’t want to be picked for some small job or other.

  5. PhilosopherZurg

    I learned to stick my thumb on my forehead (pointing downwards) and shout ‘bagsies!’ We have the shotgun thing too.

  6. admin

    Stamp – you’re most certainly right!

    Reynard61 – We must have been a Marx Brothers school

    Hoppy & Zug – Those remind me of “treefrog” which we’d yell and the last person to put their fist on their head was given an task. “Name 5 breakfast cereals” and everyone else could punch them in the arm until the completed it. Fast talkers sometimes finished before anyone was withing striking distance.

  7. Emma

    I may have to add that 5th panel to my list of phrases for dealing with annoying people

  8. Steve

    It is a good line, to be certain.