Owl Pets
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March 6th, 2011

Owl Pets

This one started as a doodle while I was in class. I’ve been taking a couple of university courses for fun. This was drawn during my time seminar, looking at the biology, physics and philosophy of time. It requires the reading and writing of science fiction short stories. Win!

9 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Jackson

    That’s one way to win the one-upmanship contests.

    In other news, your time seminar sounds awesome.

  2. Emma

    I want the meowl 😀

  3. Fat sweaty

    I don’t get FB updates anymore.
    I’d hate to have a cowl on my arm! At least it would be more interesting than a fowl.

  4. ColdFusion

    Everyone loves a good subversion 😀

  5. Hoppy

    I love me a good pair of headphones. Good headphones can make the difference on keeping your sanity or maiming your brother/sister when they won’t shut up.

  6. admin

    Thanks everyone!

    Fat Sweaty – A cowl would make you scowl?

    ColdFusion – no they don’t! <-subversive! Hoppy - I'm been happy with ear buds for a long time. But then again my brother wasn't all that annoying.

  7. skellyjack

    ah, Pets. My Favorite Joke has Returned!

  8. alestor1mil

    i look forward to both pets and flags.

  9. PhilosopherZurg

    What an awesome class!!