Restaurant Revenant
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February 20th, 2011

Restaurant Revenant

Wait, how could the vampire be a vase Boo broke? Simple: magic and time machines. Also, I almost gave Boo a funnier pet than a dog but then I realized Boo never has the funny pets. I sacrificed jokes for character. I must be developing some different comic making muscles. To make up for it here are some silly dog names: cooker spaniel, lime terrier, chihuahua pedal, beagle (half bee/half eagle, all mutt), Merman shepherd and of course Lhasa Apso because it sounds like a bad Scrabble hand.

10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. RavenBlack

    But now how does she get rid of the vampire-ghost?!

  2. Golux

    Heh that’s too “Bowl of Petunias”, as in the ones that materialized over the planet Magrathea and thought, “Oh no, not again!”. Later, we find that Arthur Dent has been unknowingly killing the poor entity off every time he reincarnated.

  3. Emma

    My mother actually gets broccoli on pizza. My brother and I regard this as strange dark magic

  4. ChesterCopperpot

    My favorite part is that the ghost still has a widow’s peak. Also, shouldn’t it be “triple gah” since he already said “gah” twice?

  5. admin

    RavenBlack – She’ll have to wait until he reincarnates again.

    Golux – Any time my work conjures images of Adams’ work I’m very complimented.

    Emma – You know, I love broccoli and would eat it on some pizzas so maybe I’m part evil too?

    Chester – My reasoning was that poison was equally as bad as garlic to a vampire, but broccoli was twice as bad as either of them.

  6. Fat Sweaty

    I feel the tavern needs some wall art. It was looking a bit like Mos Eisley. I also thought the ghost was garlic breath. But then I realized garlic breath can’t speak (well, maybe Italian).

  7. admin

    Fat Sweaty – Yeah, everybody wants a painting on the wall until they have to pay for it. They’d rather put the money into truffle oil. Also, maybe it is his dying garlic breath that has his last words?

  8. Kim


  9. Fat Sweaty

    SO he was a Vase, then a Vampire. Does he always come back as something that starts with V? Or maybe their alphabet has a double-v?

  10. admin

    Kim – you scared me!

    Fat Sweaty – If he comes back with an accent he can be a vater park.