Arcaned Machine 11
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January 30th, 2011

Arcaned Machine 11

Tried something different for the sky in this one to set a mood. Seriously, this is why I love video games and why I hear experts talk about why video games are good for us. So much of school and sports became “don’t say anything bad – give everyone participation awards” and not enough learn by failing and then trying again. It looks like they’re learning that if you fail something, be it a level or a test, if you can keep trying it’s okay to beat it later on. You can earn sort of achievements and badges, not grades. The important thing is that you learn eventually. What have video games taught you of real world value?

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  1. Toner

    Video Games thought me real life is a lot less instant gratification. Took some time to learn that the distant gratification is much better.

    Also, getting up to speed with webcomics never gets less annoying.

  2. ColdFusion

    If I learned one thing from bosses.. Never attack in a set pattern, and never expose your weak spot..
    and from scrolling shooters: it’s best to stick with the color of powerup you have, if they stack and getting another one resets to level 1.

  3. Ribusprissin

    This sort of reminds me, didn’t Robot used to be Christi’s sidekick?

  4. admin

    Toner – interesting. Some video games are all about instant gratification and some instant frustration. Finding the right game balance appears to be quite tricky.

    Cold Fusion – so lots of things that you can apply to life then?

    Ribuprissin – The snowman predates the robot. The Snowman’s in the 6th strip, created as an adventuring partner. The Robot doesn’t show up until much later and in most of its appearances it doesn’t adventure with her. It gets its palm read, makes a wish etc.

  5. Hoppy

    From many years of playing video games, I have learned much.

    >Be observant. Many things in life become easier to deal with if you simply see them coming in time.
    >Stopping to THINK about the situation is good. Just stumbleing along may be simple to do, but if you take time to really THINK about a problem, you might discover a better way.
    >SAVING is good! SAVE your games; SAVE for a ‘rainy day’!

  6. Fat Sweaty

    I learned that everyone can relate to a gorilla that throws barrels. Also playing head to head is way more fun than

  7. Fat Sweaty

    Playing a bot or level

  8. admin

    Hoppy – those are good lessons. Hoorays video games!

    Fat Sweaty – For me, I think head to head vs level comes down to whether it’s a game or a playable story. I think head to head games like Goldeneye or Tekken are like playing poker or a board game against real people – a proper challenge with lots of joking around. Playing Baldur’s Gate or Dragon Age by myself is like reading a book – immersive and I don’t want some else there taking me out of the world.

  9. alestor1mil

    i just had to comment. there actually is a way for what coldfusion learned from boss fights to apply in real life. weak spots can be exploited in real life just as easily as in video games. and everyone has something they’d keep a secret.

  10. Steve

    Personally, I’ve never liked primarily PVP games. The way that I would put it is that I prefer that my enemies have neither or both of a face and a mind.