Shadows of Dooooom! – part 5
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April 4th, 2010

Shadows of Dooooom! – part 5

Apparently you can’t read in your dreams, except for occasional words here and there.  At least most people, most of the time can’t. If you spend all day reading, then you sometimes can read in your dreams. The rest of us see jumbles of words and letters, big open spaces where words should be, foreign looking languages that you can’t read, words obscured by mist or gauze… lots of different ways the dreamtime brain tries to avoid the concentration needed to read. That’s why the guy from her dreams has a mug that looks like gibberish instead of “World’s Greatest Husband” or something.

I don’t drink many hot beverages so rather than having personalized mugs I love, I have my old Marvel character Toon Tumblers. Unfortunately, they don’t sell to Canada because they don’t have the rights to distribute here so I have buy them at American comic conventions, Ebay or when a local shop imports a few of them. It just brightens my day to drink water from Power Man or Doctor Strange. What do you all drink from?

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  1. Mad Latinist

    I’m pretty sure that when I read in my dreams, I’m actually reading. The texts, however, tend to ramble, and definitely change every time I look. But given that I’m a grad student who studies ancient languages all day (not to mention an internet addict since 1992), I guess I fall under “spends al day reading.”

  2. MDF

    Nice to see the genie again. Always liked her.

  3. MDF

    Sorry — forgot to consider your original question. I also read a lot and end up reading fairly coherently in my dreams.

    As for remembering them, that’s something else altogether.

  4. TheFilmTwit

    Yeah, I have to put my two cents behind my being able to read in my dreams as well. I’ve always been able to, and whatever I’m reading is fairly coherent for dreams. Like the time I read the article on CNN about the space program being revitalized and how it lead into giant cheese aliens attacking Earth with their deadly gouda beams.

  5. Golux

    And since Genies don’t bother to read your mind, you get what they wish.

    Asking for world peace might get you a depopulated earth, so beware the next time you get the itch to rub that lamp!

  6. Jackson

    I simply drink from the largest cup available, for one simple reason: more beverage. Practical and boring!

    The reading material in my dreams does tend to be undefined or mutable whenever I’m not actually reading it. Whatever words on the page I’m reading, the rest will be blurry gibberish, and if I come back and read it again, it may even contradict what it previously said. Dreams are so weird.

  7. reynard61

    “I said I wanted to meet the man of my dreams!”

    Then maybe you shouldn’t read so much H.P. Lovecraft before bed…

  8. admin

    Huh, a lot of you are voracious readers who also dream of reading eh? That’s cool to know.

    MDF – more genie next week!

    Film Twit – cheese aliens? Are they made of moon?

    Jackson – your dream reading experience is the same as mine!

    Renyard61 – Troll-soggoth?

  9. Daniel

    I once had a dream where I was sent back in time to when I was in kindergarten, and I was going to impress the teacher with how great of a reader I was. Unfortunately all the letters were scratched out and illegible. So nobody was impressed.

  10. Rowen

    Awww Daniel that’s so sad. It reminds me of a time when I tried to memorise a poem so I could enjoy reciting it to myself and then my mum told the teacher that I could already do it and she made me stand in front of the class but I’d only been able to do it one time after just reading the book so I got embarrassed and failed miserably.

    My favourite mug is a curvy brown one with squiggles on it that I got from a super market for 45p. Deal!

  11. Emma

    I read all day, but my eyesight is always really bad in my dreams. the words are there, but I have to focus really hard to see them, and then my dream eyes hurt

  12. Anonymous

    My dream books (and more normally computer monitor) usually have perfectly clear text, however it’s limited to a sentence or two and then the rest of the space is blank. Then for some reason I can continue reading the empty space and still get more info, it’s just more telepathic information then read information. Typing to people in my dreams is my hardest task, because it follows the same principle. I can write about a sentence before no more text will appear on the screen, then I look at my hands and realize there’s no keyboard and the dreams tend to shift violently at that point.

  13. Steve

    I read a lot, but I can never remember anything from my dreams that makes any sense, including whether or not I even encounter text, gibberish or not. As for drink containers, two mugs showing what we say to cats and dogs respectively and what they hear. For the dog, an angry rant about going through the garbage, and blah blah blah occasionally broken up with the dog’s name, and for the cat an angry rant about clawing furniture, and a blank speech bubble.