For V-Day this year my wife decided to make me stuffed animal. I’m decidedly jaded about advertising. It’s so everywhere that I’ve grown to hate it like a garderner hates weeds, even the ones like dandelions that you can make a nice salad out of. Yet the commerical featuring an orange puppet who tries to tempt dieters with food puts a smile on both my wife’s and my face. I love the muppets and in an age of computer generated everything it was great to see puppets again. That’s where Henson and Kermit got their start I believe, in commercials for Wilkins Coffee. It’s nice to know my wife is still “hungry for your love”.

As for my gift, aside from flowers, I also got her a call from Batman. Our favourite internet video is one of Batman at a poetry slam. It’s got some cussing, so it’s not for all ages, but it is hilarious. Actor acquaintance, Jon Blair, who played Batman was kind enough to phone my wife and read her a special valentine’s day poem in his Batman voice, on my behalf. Later that night I took her to to see him as part of the comedy group the Sketechersons preform Sunday Night Live which was really killer. It made me regret not going to see live comedy for often. If you live in the Toronto area check them out!

I hope your February 14th was full of great goodness as well? Who else got or gave something grand?

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  1. ranjit

    Aww, he looks like the innnnteresting monster!

  2. reynard61

    While it’s called “Rudolf” (presumably after Warner Bros. alumnus Rudolf Ising) in that particular cartoon, that creature’s (I hesitate to call it a “monster”) actual name; at least within the Warner Bros. Animation Dept.; was “Gossamer

    I’m not sure whether the creature in the Weight Watcher’s “Hungry” ad campaign is actually Gossamer. (Probably not. I should think that Gossamer is still under Warner Bros. copyright.)

  3. reynard61

    Sorry, Here’s the link to “Gossamer”.

  4. admin

    Yeah he does look like Gossamer or the character from the Beetlejuice cartoon that also ripped off Gossamer’s design. According to Wikipedia it’s just called The Monster Across the Street. It had a texan hat and accent if I recall. He also reminds me a tiny bit of the Headless monsters from Ultima Underworld video games.