Princess Planet is Top (Ten) Notch

Reader CatzCradle has kindly pointed out that I warranted a spot in Webcomic Overlook’s Top Ten Comics of the Decade. Hoorays!

El Santo of W.O. says:

“You want to know what’s really subjective? Top ten lists. No two people will ever agree on what the best ten of anything is as long as people have the ability to think for themselves. Isn’t merely the act of putting together such a list an example of arrogance? Probably.

Still, we love lists like the one I’m compiling below for one big reason: its fun to argue why something made the list, and why things were left off.

So, as we head into the Holiday Season and close out the aughts, here’s my list of what I think are the Ten Best Webcomics of the Decade (2000-2009): The Second Decade of Webcomics.

These aren’t the most influential — otherwise Penny Arcade would be a shoe-in. And since we’re talking about The Decade, longetivity counts — so, sorry Gastrophobia. This is a list of webcomics I enjoyed because they told great stories, opened readers to different sorts of humor, and basically stuck with me for some reason or other.”

Pop over and have a look at the other cool comics he selected!

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  1. KNO3

    Congradulations! Well done!