Ticket To Space!

Hoorays! I got my copies of the graphic novel I wrote and drew for Scholastic Canada.  It’s 40 pages of funducational comics that will be used as a reader for grade 6 students across Canada. I had a great time working on it and I even made a trip to the Canadian Space Agenc. They were kind enough to allow me to interview an astronaut trainer for a few hours and see some of their training facilites. Super cool!

“Gisele doesn’t like the sugary cereals that most kids like, but she never tought eating something good for you would lead to this. When she opens her box of Grain-ola Oat Crunch Bran, she discovers that she’s won a ticket to space!”

Here are some of the pages before they added the word balloons:

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  1. goolsnut

    Hey! That’s awesome. I work for NASA doing training on the Robotic Arm on the Space Station. I get to go to Canada quite often to CSA outside Montreal. Is that where you went? Do you remember the trainer you talked to? I know them all! Also, where can one get a copy of this book in the USA?

  2. admin

    Hey Goolsnut! I did indeed go just outside Montreal and talk with Ed Tabuns. He was super awesome and very generous with his time. The book is only available as part of a 4 pack of graphic novels about space: http://www.scholastic.ca/education/movingupwithliteracyplace/popups/g6-bc-missionspace.html

  3. goolsnut

    Ahh shucks, well, I’ll see if some of my co-workers are interested 🙂

    Btw, I love the comic, it makes me giggle out load (gol) at work on a regular basis. If you’re ever in Houston, let me know, and I can give you a tour of NASA!

  4. goolsnut

    giggle out lowd… man, I can’t speel.

  5. Cutie8006

    Can you make a whole graphic novel of Ticket to Space? I need to read it by the day after tomorrow, Mar.11th,Thurs. Can you?

  6. admin

    It is a whole graphic novel. Are you blasting off into space right away?