Jawin’ about Jobs
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February 22nd, 2009

Jawin’ about Jobs

I was interviewed for Owl Magazine’s blog a while ago and they asked me to answer one of the quesions via comic so I made this…


Before I was making cartoons full time for magazines and textbooks, I worked in a record store. Eventually the store closed and I was laid off. I started to keep note of job posting titles with names that amused mem, even if I knew what the really meant…

Bathroom estimator, Boring mill operator, Lamintaor, Camp Counsellor (puppetry specialist) (student),  Head press operator/jogger, Pork boners/trimmers, Plant operators, Help sell man/woman, Bus person (student), Pressure garment specialist assistant/burn patients, Abacus instructor, Boom truck driver, Gas fitters, Hand Solders, Blend operator, Warehouseman/woman, Ropes specialist (student) and Non destructive testing trainee (hydrostatic testing trainee).

3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. K. Taylor

    The Sphinx is back! Score!

  2. Aries Hausdorff

    I think the Sphinx would be great working in a Kindergarden. Beside being a good protection for the kids, schoolbus-costs could be reduced and the Sphinx would have the kids as people to solve riddles.
    Besides, I think her sexy 😉

  3. Steve

    Those are some pretty interesting job titles.