Batman Begins 2006!!!

My good buddy Steve Manale gave me this wonderful gift he found at a dollar store: a box of Batman Begins playing cards. For best results read the back of the box aloud. Seriously. It makes it way better.


Inside, the “game” is completely incomprehensible. It just has a bunch of screen caps of Batman with different ATK and DEF scores, all ending in 000. It’s like a game of pinball where after 5 seconds of play they give you millions of points as if to make up for years of not getting one gold star on your homework in elementary school. Not all the pictures are of Spiderman. There are a few of Katie Holmes, Comissioner Gordon and the Batmobile, all of which also have incredibly high attack and defense scores. Some of the cards are different colours which looks kind of nice and allows you to sort them purposefully but is ultimately pointless due to the fact there are absolutely no rules included nor any possible fun game to be played with them. Unless you consider throwing the cards across the room in frustration a good time.