Time Machine
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January 11th, 2009

Time Machine

This one started off as part of the rant I’d written up for Decemeber’s time travel gag but I thought it was strong enough to deserve it’s own cartoon. Not just a blog mention.

I think the xombee robot is out looking for “hard drives”!

7 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Evan Snow

    Good point made that I hadn’t considered. Kind of a “12 Monkeys” twist. In regards to the xombee robot, that would depend on why xombees want to eat brains in the first place. If it’s for the cognitive functions, it would be the CPU. If it was memory storage, it would be the hard drive. Short term memory would be RAM. Motor functions would be chipset. You could go on and on, but it all boils down to why they eat brains, and what part they find so darn tasty!

  2. Jai

    For that matter, why do we even think zombies are always after brains? Sure, supposedly they walk around muttering about brains. But I never see them eating brains, they’re always tearing into bellies and arms and such. It’s all backwards – humans are the ones with a fixation on zombie brains!

    But I’d probably go around trying to tell everyone what my one weak spot was if I turned into a zombie, too. You never see happy zombies.

  3. Thom

    no point actually, as whatever happens in the present is supposed to happen. The convention is that if you go back and “breath on a monkey” it could potentially change how things are in the “present” when you return to the proper time. Essentially would have arrived to this point in time because of the way that time has been procedurally assembled. If you go back and change one of those procedural functions you will break the chain and break it. If you breath on a monkey in the present then that was your “function” in the chain anyway.

  4. admin

    Evan: Good question. Hmmm. I’d guess it would be the memories that would be the tastiest part but if it was the whole brain I guess it should just be “internal hardware” then, right?

    Jai: You’re onto something there! Maybe Zombies are like the Riddler. They’re telling us how to beat them. “brains… brains… hit us in the brains…”

    Thom: I’m coming at this at a pespective that time travel, like a plague of talking snowmen zombies, isn’t real. I’m trying to talk about the message behind the metaphor of many time travel stories and what they tell us about regret, fate etc. Any thoughts on the actual problems with time travel seem ridiculous since scientists aren’t even sure whether time is a straight line, several parallel lines, a branching tree, a changing canvas or what.

  5. martha sullivan

    Interestingly, some of the physicist types who study the idea of parallel universes (since you mention the parallel lines) have described possible parallel universes on “branes” (short for multidimensional membranes) that go along next to ours and may overlap at certain places, creating wormholes to alternate realities…

    I think your zombies actually want branes, not brains.

    I love this comic, btw (The Princess Planet as a whole that is, not just the current strip). Awesomes!

  6. BloodyBun

    Is that the Awful Artist in front, at the last panel? Zombiefied?

    I love your comic. I found Princess Planet two days ago via Kubukuri.
    You take the Art of punning to … absurd levels – I adore it. ^^

  7. Steve

    The big thing about time travel is that it wouldn’t necessarily make the world worse, just different. If you are used to the world having been one way, it might be a personal hell to have it become completely different but not actually be that bad for anyone else.