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December 14th, 2008

More Door Humour

I was trying to figure out what to name my Pinochio character and my friends and family encouraged me to keep it Pinochio just to keep the gag simple. I thought about Pinose-chio and Pinochinose. Both of those sound better than they read.

I also thought of having the final line be a lie told by Pinochio. The funniest one I could come up with was “I did not chop down that cherry tree” (and replacing oak for cherry as the other door material). But that was too much of a real world reference so I nixed it. I don’t think the Princess Planet is aware of Earth, let alone American politicial folklore.

9 Awesomes Comments!

  1. eric

    would you believe me if I told you that the other door was made of pine from Pine-Nose-Chio’s nose?

  2. Octal

    But clearly, Pinochio’s nose WOULD be made out of oak!


  3. admin

    You guys are really pun-ishing me! Keep it up!

    Eric: Would that make him a naughty pine?

  4. Jon

    To have Pinocchio say “I did not chop down that cherry tree” does not need to be a reference to American political folklore. You could, for instance have a picture of a chopped down cherry tree in the background of one of the frames. He could be lying about a different, and “actual” occurrence. We do not need to find it funny for the reason he is saying it. If he was making a reference to George Washington he would not actually be lying.

  5. Requiem

    It always bugged me that the “two options: one lies and leads to bad things, other speaks truth and leads to good” event pops up when the whole thing is said by one of the things in question. I mean, that means it’s either an outright lie or the one talking is the one that always speaks the truth!

    Having an intermediary (be it a sign or another creature) is a good way to get around the whole thing. …unless if that intermediary is trying to trick you.

  6. Emma

    One novel I read had the intermediary be the story’s universe’s equivalent of a Sidhe. Traditionally, faeries can’t lie, therfore elminating the truth problem

  7. admin

    Jon – I guess I’m also trying to keep Princess Planet free from gags that require a knowledge of American history, especially since I have very little myself. I only have what I glean from Jeopardy and other imported TV shows.

    Requiem – Exactly!

    Emma – If faeires can’t lie, how do they sleep? Oh man, that’s worse than “my dog has no nose”.

  8. Emma

    @ admin- they sleep standing up, like horses

  9. Steve

    My response to the classic knights and knaves puzzle is this: “Which door is the good one? Ok, what does 1+1 equal?”. nobody ever seems to consider that one.