Better than a pet rock
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October 19th, 2008

Better than a pet rock

What’s nice about having a long running comic is that in panel 6, the joke would still work even if there were no words, but being able to call back to one of the recurring “characters” of the comic is more fun. At least for me.

It would be extra mean of the King if his son’s rescuers had balloon-phobia. I tried looking up the medical term for it but no credible source showed up on a cursory look. I think it’s terrible to have a phobia of something that’s suppo

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  1. aeonsama

    Your a shut up!

    I love the baseball crown.

  2. Ash

    Baseball? The pretend prince plainly packs a purple painted pumpkin, perceive previously posted panels. (‘plogies… I mean… sorry, I got carried away 😉

    But what about the real prince? Who will rescue him? Does he even need rescuing? Perhaps the purple Prince prefers playing Parcheesi in peak palace? (Okay, no more of that, I Promise o.O)

  3. admin

    P’shaw. You’re pardoned, pardner.

  4. Scott M

    It’s “globeaphobia”. Why the named it for globe is beyond me. Those poor people who are afraid of globes must be so confused at support meetings.

  5. Tev

    I don’t think that a balloon phobia actually has a name- I looked it up in some psychological journals, and it was always referred to as ‘balloon phobia’ there.

    Guess they got tired of making up Latin names for things that didn’t already have them.

  6. Ricki


  7. admin

    Thanks Ricki!

    Scott M, I didn’t see a credible source for globephobia when I googled. I think the main people who are afraid of globes would have to be failed James Bond villains who are reminded of their expensive plans for world domination going horribly wrong at the last second.

    Tev, they could always just use the a word for inflated sheep’s bladder or forge bellows. 🙂

  8. martha sullivan

    It’s globophobia, technically; sometimes it’s been called ballophobia, although that more properly refers to a fear of any ball or ball-shaped object, particularly if you’re afraid you might be hit by it, say, if you’re standing at home base armed only with a bat and the pitcher is winding up …

    I know more about the globophobia, though, because I suffer from it! Argh! I still liked the cartoon, though; it’s not like your cartoon is going to pop unexpectedly or make any other sudden moves …

  9. Mary Tee

    Globo is spanish for balloon, so I think it’s credible.

    Like how cartography is the study of maps. Sometimes English is just a little broken.

  10. Alice Quinn

    I really like reoccurring themes & jokes
    it makes me feel like I am in the IN crowd

  11. Steve

    Another one that really set me laughing. Not quite as good as the Rorschach Test or the human style one though. Those two were my favorites.