Fan Expo Dollar Bins

This weekend was the Fan Expo in Toronto. Other than Karl, all of the TX creators were there along the back wall doing sketches, selling wares and admiring costumes. That’s me in the foreground with some of the prints I’ve made of The Princess Planet characters being awesome.


I, of course, made some time to rifle through the dollar bins for more hidden treasure. This Ghost story looked promising. Disco Ghosts? Fantastic! But like so many of the horror comics, trying to pack 3 stories into one issue leaves all the stories wanting. It starts with a fantastic story about a pirate captain cursed to eternally chase a water elemental spirit that ends on a totally un-satisfying note. Then there’s a stupid detetctive story and finally 3 pages of Disco Ghost that’s so lacking in pesonality it could take over hosting the Tonight Show.


Now this looks like a winner!


The Last Unexpected comic was so good that I’m looking forward to time travelling Abe Lincoln.


Fumetti is apparently the art of taking black and white photos of people, adding word balloons and then printing it on newsprint so that the cheap paper makes all your hard work into blurry masses of smudge.


You might all be excited to know I found the next 3 issues of Brute Force. The first issue was as hilarious a read as the cover suggested. All of the animals have had their intelligence boosted, but are still really dumb. At the end of the first issue we discover there’s an evil cyborg force of animals who are out to ruin the environment! Check out the shark with buzzsaw wheels… he’s totally going to ruin your floors!


And I also managed to find a horror comic that scared the jibblies out of Cameron Stewart when he was a kid but had since been lost to time. He made a blog post about it which includes a new sketch he did of the main character.