Smirkulees’ Quest pt 8
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June 8th, 2008

Smirkulees’ Quest pt 8

When I hit upon the idea of a pot of gold with prehensile rainbow tongues and claws I was super impressed with myself. It was like a really great hipster ironic t-shirt inspired villain. It got me really excited to draw this, which doesn’t always happen after so many Princess Planets. Sometimes I’m just excited about the gags, not the drawings that will service them. The fire-breathing tornado also got me pretty stoked too. I drew that one while waiting for my take out sushi. I think being in a Japanese environment got me adding cute faces to everything including devestating weather patterns.

The dragon is just there to help reinfornce that Smirkulees can now take down very impressive foes. Dragons have a pretty heavy rep. They’re one of the Ds in D&D. Whoa.

10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Hef

    This comic is a LOL+1
    Why’s the wimpy flail head green in the first panel?

  2. Stephanie

    He’s green because he’s got motion sickness.

  3. Jackson

    “When I hit upon the idea of a pot of gold with prehensile rainbow tongues and claws…” You’re not the only one hitting upon the pot of gold with rainbow appendages. 😉

    I love the Thorningstar’s twin reactions to everything. They are, dare I say, golden.

  4. admin

    Thanks everyone! Stephanie nailed it. The peaceful end of the Throningstar is getting dizzzzzy.

  5. Stephen

    OMG…I started reading your strip from the beginning about two days ago, and i’m finally up to date.
    SO the funny.
    (I laughed out loud at the Basketball Sultan Pepper one, and had to tell my roomate about it!)

  6. amelia

    I think I’ve seen that mountain in a hipster style cartoon. Oh, where did it go…. it had a rainacorn in it. Wait.

    Here it is: your mountain looks like the ice king kinda:

  7. Zordran

    The mountain king in the background of the second panel does it for me.

  8. Alice Quinn

    you should make hipster ironic t-shirts – seriously if you desgin some I’d buy one!
    oh it it would be really cool if one could download boss battle prints as desktop backgrounds, or make buttons! basically if you want to swtich up the comic strip routine I think you could have fun in merchandising

    or I am just full of crap & want Princess Planet buttons ;p

  9. Embyr

    wouldn’t that be a tornado that breathes fire? xD

  10. Emma

    he should get the peaceful end to throw up on the pot of gold.