Smirkulees’ Quest pt 6
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May 25th, 2008

Smirkulees’ Quest pt 6

This guy must not get minimum wage like the orge in the coat check. 

Christi’s logic is based on a lot of reading Conan (books and comic books) and other things lodged in my subconscious I can’t remember. Anyone have any examples they can think of where the hero want the Holy Grail (so to speak) instead of the less dangerous but still pretty awesome loot?

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  1. Nissa

    Well, in Aladdin he was only supposed to get the lamp, even when there were plenty of other treasures.

  2. Jackson

    Can’t think of any examples of heavily-guarded super-awesomest treasure, but I do like the irony of Princess Christi’s line in panel 3.

  3. admin

    Thanks Jackson!

    Nissa, you’re totally right. I’m also thinking of the the 7th Voyage of Sinbad where the wizard Sokurah is single minded in his desire to get the genie lamp and Sinbad only wants to get the ingredients to save his princess. That was my favourite Sinbad movie. I can rewatch it frequently.

  4. Michael Cho

    Yep — I always read those stories where the hero turns down the room full of gems or coins to get at the big prize and then gets killed or something. I’m always going “damn! don’t be a dummy…cart that wagon here and clear out the room instead of getting yourself killed by the big monster next door!”

    I remember a Conan story — “The Tower of the Elephant” that was like that. Conan was with some other thief and he’s all “we could live like kings with the jewels encrusted on this tower!” and the other guy’s all “no, my young paduan, the real riches are inside.” And I was all “wtf? don’t you know that’s gonna be all guarded and stuff you dumbass??” And of course, in the end the other thief got poisoned in the head, Conan fought a giant spider…and walked away emptyhanded.

    I dunno, if it was me, I woulda spent a couple hours prying those jems from the tower and then living it up at the bar in the thieves quarter for a few months….but then, I’m not a legendary barbarian. 🙂

  5. KNO3

    Yeah Mike, you are smarter than a legendary barbarian.

  6. Emma

    “are you smater than a Barbarian” would be a great TV show. I’d watch it.

  7. Steve

    Personally, my approach would be to steal all of the easy stuff, then get the best mercenaries and equipment on the market, and then go in to loot the Macguffin.