Smirkulees’ Quest pt 3
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May 4th, 2008

Smirkulees’ Quest pt 3

Getting Smirkulees into the dungeon was the hardest part to write of this series. I wrote and rewrote the method a bunch of times. The shadowboxing gag was going to be the whole strip at one point but I deemed it not nearly funny enough a pay off for 6 panels.

I’m not sure why I always make stink lines green. Lots of good smelling things are green, like mint, pine, herbal rosemary infusion shampoo and The Hulk.

I don’t know what to call the stick character. My friend (who helped with this joke amongst others), Steve Manale, already has a small wooden man named Sticky in his Superslackers comic. If you haven’t ever read it, I recommend you do. It’s the funny!

8 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Jackson

    Hm. How about “Rod?”

  2. Aphex

    ive reached the end at no. 772!
    what shall balance out my epicly depressing webcomics now?


  3. admin

    Rod’s an excellent choice, Jackson!

    Aphex, what is xtdk? Xylophone-Timpani Dance Kaboodle?

  4. aeonsama

    Why does he have to have a special name?

  5. Evan Snow

    Is Rod a Branch Davidian?

  6. KNO3

    Evan, you just had to stick it to rod.

  7. kat

    I’m pretty sure Aphex meant “XKCD”, but elusive as the (possible?) acronym is, I don’t think it could top dance kaboodles.

    Also, “twiggy” seems hilarious to me.

  8. admin

    Kat – Twiggy! Good one!