Broken Telephone
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July 8th, 2007

Broken Telephone

I guess you kind of have to know what the game broken telephone is for this to work. Maybe it’s one of those games that has different names in different places. Like some people call “red ass” “suicide” instead. And there’s a split between wedgies and gachi pull (or even undie grundies).

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. BlueNight

    I’ve always heard it referred to as simply “Telephone.”

  2. DSil

    AHAHAHA undie grundies. I’ll bet that’s what they call it in Australia.

  3. Tim

    We call it “chinese whispers” in New Zealand.

  4. admin

    Strangely in China they call it “Kiwi mumbles”.

  5. Lars

    I can’t bear to be caught trapping.
    A bare cod in a tarp.
    Wrap a cold beer.

  6. Sam

    A bear got caught in my trap!

    I got a cot under a tarp!