Snow Pets
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December 3rd, 2006

Snow Pets

I like how in aquariums people put little castles so the fish can think “It’s like I’m in Atlantis! And I’m a giant! Whoa! This rules!”

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  1. Dante Wynter

    Dunno if this is true or not, but I’ve heard goldfish have a five second memory, which would make even more sense. They’d be all, “Oh, wow! A sunken city!” Swim, swim, swim. “Oh, wow! A sunken city!” Swim, swim, swim. “Oh, wow! A sunken city!”

  2. admin

    I though Vegas was like a a terrarium for humans built by aliens. “We’ll put a pyramid and the Eiffel Tower in their little bubble and it will seem just like home on Earth.”

  3. DDurand

    The three, five or six seconds memory of fishs are solid legend. Ask peoples who have fishs.

    For example, mines see my fridge from where they are. And i put their food into. You always have some agitation in the water when i take they box of food from the fridge…

    Same thing : They recognize me from another human (don’t fear my presence. They don’t even fear my hand if i need to put it in the water)…

  4. Mary Tee

    Maybe they have a five second short term memory.

  5. Toner

    Even with just 5 seconds of memory fishes have the absolute worst lives as pets, I honestly think they spend most of their brainpower coming up with a way to drown themselves.