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September 24th, 2006


I remember this door conundrum from Labyrinth but also as guardians from Doctor Who.

13 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Verbal Titration

    When I saw the first panel of this, the 8 year-old child in my head screamed “Labryinth! David Bowie!”.

    And then the flashbacks began. The muppets that tore themselves apart, and Return to Oz haunted my childhood. *shivers*

  2. The Webcomic Overlook #73: The Princess Planet « The Webcomic Overlook

    […] She also like the one strip about the two doors — one that lies and one that tells the truth — and their response when the Queen asks them if a dress makes her look fat. […]

  3. Andy

    I would just ask “how many fingers am I holding up?”

    Of course there’s always the danger that the door was lying about one of them always telling the truth.

  4. Paul

    Hahaha! My friend is obsessed with Dr. Who. I love your comic, by the way. It is the awesomes.

  5. Varkarrus

    First, I would ask which door to go through. Then I would throw an axe at one and watch them freak out.

  6. Vikram

    I think this is my favourite one

  7. Sam

    one problem though- it doesn’t say which door the treasure is behind. the door of truth or the door of lies?

  8. erisiantaoist

    Sam, the problem is actually soluble without knowing that beforehand.

  9. msouth


    To confirm erisiantaoist’s assertion, here’s a question that would work:

    If you were the other door, which door would you tell me to use to find the treasure? [Then you go through the opposite door they tell you.]

  10. The Blonde One

    First of all, Labyrinth scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it. I was 14.
    Secondly, This thing always messed with my mind. If I ever did this, I would never win. In fact I’d probably just climb up the wall and see what’s on the other side first.

  11. Bethy

    i like veggies and it wouldn’t be a great loss anyways because i didn’t have the treasure to start with. In short: i wouldn’t care……..

  12. Siosilvar

    If you know one of them always lies, then you can’t be sure their information is accurate. The one that lies tells you the rules.

    But it lied about there being a door that tells the truth, because both of them lie.

    (overanalysis much?)

  13. Aethermancer Omega

    Alternatively, ask either which door the other guy would tell me to take. Then take the opposite.