Mirror 1
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July 31st, 2006

Mirror 1

Throw up is the new sick.

8 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Dante Wynter

    I thought barf was the new throw up?

  2. admin

    Thrown down is the new throw up. Barf is the new orange (the colour, not the fruit).

  3. Mr. Son

    Ugh, don’t mention orange barf. I actually threw up orange, once. Not throw up that was orange, actually Orange. The very essence of the color Orange. On my bed. Grossest thing ever.

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  5. USB

    Clementines are the new orange.

  6. Mei-Day

    But Clementines are still oranges…

  7. Anonymous

    I threw up orange once too. Ate a whole family sized bag of cheese flavored puffs as a kid. Never ate them again.

  8. Aethermancer Omega

    Threw up blue once.
    Also, threw up noodles. Actual noodles you could clearly recognize. Yeah, mine is a terrible sickness to have.