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April 7th, 2006

Flag 6

This is my buddy Rui who I went to art college with.

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  1. DSil

    So far I’ve counted Sean, Chris, Steve, Toby, and now Rui. Any of your friends I’m missing?

  2. admin

    Oh yeah, there are a lot of my friends who show up as characters in these comics. Well, their likenesses anyways. Not nessesarily their presonalities.

  3. aeonsama

    I think the “pandaconda” is much scarier!.

  4. Tamfang

    The coat of arms of the Visconti dukes of Milan (now seen in the Alfa Romeo badge) contains a serpent chomping on a child. It has been suggested that the serpent is really an eel (anguilla), punning on the lordship of Angleria or Anguivaria.

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