Rapuznel 7
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May 29th, 2005

Rapuznel 7

I think this dialogue is a little inspired by the grandfather on Silver Spoons.

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  1. BlueNight

    I had a dream about catching a leprechaun. I made sure to hold on to him at all times and look directly at him. I told him to take me to his pot of gold. He took me to a soda vending machine, then explained Pepsi’s “Pot of Gold” contest. While I was looking at the soda machine, he slipped away. And he lied about the contest. Sometimes I think my subconscious is mocking me.

  2. Anton Sherwood

    What else is a subconscious for?

  3. Sybarite

    The black princess makes me happy. 🙂
    Oh, I am a new reader who came here by way of Fey Winds…

  4. admin

    Welcome aboard, Sybarite!

  5. littlebeast

    Knowing this comic, Goldilocks “meeting a grizzly end”: she chatted up the behind of a bear.