Dogs on the Moon
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April 24th, 2005

Dogs on the Moon

One day my friend Kagan had someone come up to him at a comic convention and say “I have an idea for a comic and you can have it if you want…. werewolves in space!”

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  1. Anton Sherwood

    I wonder whether vampires (Buffy style) could live on the Moon. We know (though the writers occasionally forgot) that they need not breathe. They ignite in sunlight, but maybe without air that wouldn’t hurt them.

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  3. Tropylium

    The Moon’s dark side isn’t really dark constantly, it’s just never seen from the Earth. But I suppose technically, *on* the moon you cannot see the *full* moon.

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  5. sirbacon

    Although if she was right next to the Moon’s north or south pole, she could easily remain on the dark side year-round, in theory.