King vs the Followers of the Economicon
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April 10th, 2005

King vs the Followers of the Economicon

One of these flags was designed for my friends band project Dragon Tongue.

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  1. The Webcomic Overlook #73: The Princess Planet « The Webcomic Overlook

    […] It’s so corny that the most prevalent running gag is about the King’s embarassment over his kingdom’s symbol. What’s that symbol? It’s a pile of grass eating a sandwich. Yes, it does sound like a gag a six-year-old would wwrite! The king keeps running a useless contest to select a new symbol, but nothing ever comes of it. (Though it does seem that baring flag with a pile of grass eating a sandwich does have some unforeseen tactical advantages.) […]

  2. Ribusprissin

    Economicard’s No-Hassle plan.
    “What’s on YOUR wall?”

  3. erisiantaoist

    One of the flags is for your friend’s band project, Dragon Tongue? I’ll bet it’s the shark one, right?

  4. Emma

    I’d like the octopus on a shirt

  5. Ludvig

    HI! This side doesn’t have a “prev” / “next” button!!
    the next page is at:

    Cheers for an excellent webcomics!!

  6. admin

    Hi Ludvig, it’s there, but because of the long title it’s slid over to the side. But thanks for keeping an eye out!