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February 24th, 2005


Willow? I bet his name is Ash. Hardy har har. I wonder if non-Canadians will understand the maple syrup bucket/spigot?

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Aveline

    hey, we have maple trees in the states too. sorta. in like, Vermont, and Michigan and stuff. And Wisconsin.

    Why is it that all the best webcomics seem to be by Canadians? Should I defect? Will that make my art better? I’m already an “honorary” Canadian citizen, but I guess that just isn’t enough … :'(

  2. admin

    I was just teasing. I know about Vermont from watching Newhart. He’s the funny (especially the Bob Newhart Show)!

    I knew that a lot of stand up and sketch comics from Canada were awesomes but I didn’t know that so many of our webcomics were also so high-fiveable. But don’t worry about defecting, you’re in good company since Jack Kirby, John Buscema and Charles Scultz were all American. And Bruce Lee has a great quote about getting better at things “Swimming is good practise for swimming!” I need more swimming pracitse!

  3. Jay Potts

    Oh, now he’s offended! When they walk out of the dungeon, basically wearing the FLESH of his slain arboreal brother or cousin, the tree has no problem, but pluck a LEAF from him, and he screams bloody murder!

  4. Mollie

    Hey, hey, hey we’ve got maple trees in Massachusetts too. I’ve been stalking your comic for a while and I must say, awesome job.

  5. admin

    Jay – yeah, this tree is more about his own personal pain rather than some long dead kin. Its like if you saw Leatherface, you’d probably be more mad at him chainsawing you than that his mask was made from human.

    Mollie – Thanks! Hopefully you will keep stalking it and grace us with your comments more often!