Sphinx 7
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February 20th, 2005

Sphinx 7

I don’t use Boarlock nearly enough.

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  1. ceeqanguel


  2. admin

    Nope. There is a real answer for this one though.

  3. sirbacon


  4. admin


  5. Howard


  6. admin


  7. lightbulb

    Internet bandwidth

  8. Lightbulb

    A river. When a river is wide (thick), the water rushes through. When it’s narrow (thin), it goes slowly.

  9. admin

    Lightbulb – internet bandwith is funny! Good one! The river isn’t right though. It actually runs faster when thinner, because there’s more water trying to squish through a smaller space.

  10. Lightbulb

    I almost said a candle, but then I re-read the comic and realized it said “run” not “am”

  11. Lightbulb

    Just realized another flaw with my previous answer, thin candles burn more quickly not wide ones. Woops.

  12. Anonymous

    It’s a faucet valve. There’s always the same water pressure behind it, so the further you open the valve the more water that runs through. I’d provide the formula, but I can’t write greek letters in this comment box =D

  13. electric jeannie

    A river! Molasses? A river of molasses! That’s filled with clocks. mmm chunky molasses clocks…