Guest Strip: Brian Evinou
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June 2nd, 2013

Guest Strip: Brian Evinou

I like watching hockey but Brian Evinou is a much bigger fan than I am. While most comic creators couldn’t care less about sports, Brian and I can lament the Maple Leafs losses together, (and occasionally cautiously celebrate their progress). While I don’t consider Brian’s art is “realistic”, when I read his comics I feel like they are all rooted in a real world. His characters have form, shape and shadow. That’s a real difference from my flat shapes. Brian’s used his talents for comics about space cops, horror stories set in Toronto, and supernatural teenage drama. They all seem like real places, despite having unreal elements. I like how Brian stuffed multiple play on words into panels, and I hope you do too!

One Awesomes Comment!

  1. Steve

    if he asked for a mind reader, he would probably get a bibliophile who explodes if you step on him.