King Vs Flags (Chimp Edition)
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February 3rd, 2013

King Vs Flags (Chimp Edition)

I learned a rule of thumb about apes and monkeys. Usually monkeys have tails and apes don’t. Does anyone have any other rules to help remember things. (Also, if you can’t remember if a tiger or lion has stripes, it’s the lion with the lines #nottrue)

7 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Sarah

    No ANT is independENT.

  2. admin

    Sarah – good one!

  3. ColdFusion

    at least that used to be the rule..
    but when it comes to primates they change the rules every day @_@

  4. Ribusprissin

    How do they decide who gets/has to be first in line?

  5. Wolf Emperor

    Brian, 1 that I use is that air-breathing marine creatures (like dolphins & whales) have a horizontal tail fin, whereas water-breathing marine creatures (like fish & sharks) have a vertical tail fin.

  6. admin

    ColdFusion – They change the primate directives?

    Ribuprissin – You sign up earlier in the week.

    Wolf Emperor – That’s a really good one! Thanks!

  7. ColdFusion

    Ooh that pun drained my shields