Epic Sail – part 42
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December 23rd, 2012

Epic Sail – part 42

Now, I realize that octopi can squish themselves into incredibly narrow places, and so the kraken should be able to fit down into the crevice. But, maybe he’s just a big chicken? I mean, why do quest givers not go on quests themselves? Maybe he feels like he’s too old? Or not well equipped to deal with the heat? Excuses, excuses.

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Nonsensicles

    Ah! Now we get to one of the rarely glimpsed reminders that The Princess Planet is also Sci-Fi!

  2. admin

    Wow, you guys came up with some great guesses for what a riddle means. If I was your Kraken/Dungeon Master I would have accepted all of them. This just happens to be the one Douglas used. Sometimes it’s fun to come up with a riddle with no answer, because then we see things from new perspectives.

  3. Proteus

    Just ocean’ you a Merry Christmas!

    A great time to go coraling, since they have a tuna in low sea.

  4. admin

    Proteus – Ha! Thanks, yule laid out a buncha nice puns.

  5. Steve

    It must have taken some amount of study to find out that octopi can fit in such tight spaces. I don’t think he’s caught up on the research yet.