Epic Sail – part 35
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November 4th, 2012

Epic Sail – part 35

I don’t laugh and smile enough when I’m making my comics. I’m too “in the zone”. But I did laugh when I was drawing a mermaid on skis.

I used to have a basketball net at the end of my driveway and I’d shoot hoops all the time. Fast forward a couple decades and I tried playing hoops while on vacation last year and I threw like I wasn’t used to Earth’s gravity. I kept getting nothing but net. And by that I mean: my shots would brush the bottom of the net, not getting close to the backboard or the hoop. What sports do you play? Also, here’s a bonus basketball thing I drew…

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Hoppy

    Tennis and Bowling are 2 of my faves. I’m not that good at either of them, but they’re still fun. I used to be into competitive target shooting, but I got away from it after I left the Army. It was getting hard to find competitive targets, anyway. I kept finding lazy ones that didn’t care if they got shot, or not. 😛

  2. ColdFusion

    you got me with defencing.. ichquestrianism made me wonder why I never thought of that.. and space kazaam is the best pun i’ve heard in wees..
    but the last panel where we expected the exception to be the object of the sentence and it turned out to be an exception to the subject.. I’ve gotta REMEMBER that one.

  3. admin

    Hoppy – Now I’m picturing a paper man running away at a shooting range, tumbling, turning sideways, and trying to escape.

    ColdFusion – I also wondered why I’d never heard ichquestrian before. It seemed so obvious once it entered my noggin. I guess it’s combining two words many people aren’t super familiar with. Like my Lichen-thrope joke.

  4. Lars

    I must be missing something with “ichquestrian”. Is it just “equestrian” with a bit of “ichthy-” on the front?

  5. admin

    Lars – you got it.

  6. Steve

    Badminton, volleyball and dodgeball. I can’t throw well, so I play munitions officer and keep the people who can throw supplied so they can keep up the attack. I’m actually good at babminton and can at least serve well in volleyball.
    Also, wouldn’t defencing be removing the miniature walls around one’s property?