Epic Sail – part 8
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April 29th, 2012

Epic Sail – part 8

That Patricia is a real wind bag. I mean a blowhard. I mean full of hot air.

10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Nonsensicles

    Patricia versus Big Bad Wolf in house-blowing-down contest! Winner gets to eat all the piggies!

  2. Proteus

    Well, she’s a princess. You really should expect anyone as a gust as her to put on airs.

  3. dexitroboper

    Her Royal Airness Patricia

  4. Ribusprissin


  5. Marj

    Oh, that awkward moment when you must choose between being insulted or exploiting your new super power.

  6. mdf

    And she blows hot and cold too, I’m sure. Nice.

  7. Golux

    Nary a word in edgewise, yipes. That all blowhards were as useful…

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve hit the end? oh noes!…

  9. Hoppy

    She gives new meaning to the title, “Heir to the throne”.

  10. Brightshade

    Arrrr, it’s the Parriah Pedant of Pointless Particulars! “Out to sea, not out too sea,” he says! Yar, walk him off the plank to meet Davey Jones