Epic Sail – part 5
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April 8th, 2012

Epic Sail – part 5

Okay, I’m not super proud of making a fat joke, but the pun was irresistible. Speaking of irresistible, it bothers me when fat characters in comedies can not resist food, as a joke. Either a)that’s grossly misjudging the cause of their heavy weight or b)mocking someone’s addiction. I think anything can be made fun of its done cleverly, but too often its a lazy joke. What’s your least favourite lazy joke? Right now I’m a little pet peeved by “Newspapers? What are those?” laughing at the fall of the newspaper business, but missing a joke about the lack of good journalism.

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  1. Proteus

    >laughing at the fall of the newspaper business, but missing a joke about the lack of good journalism.

    When your local newspaper was founded by a particular political party, you don’t notice any difference in the amount of ‘good journalism’ you’re seeing.

  2. RavenBlack

    Least favorite lazy joke – any ‘topical’ joke about politicians. You could pretty much take a topical joke about any politician from a hundred years ago, and repeat it today about any politician of any party in any country, and it would probably still work just the same (unless you went out of your way to pick a mismatched pair like trying to make a Margaret Thatcher joke fit a communist country’s leader. And even then I bet it would sometimes fit!)

  3. ColdFusion

    yeah if anything it’s the skinny people that should be depicted as addicted to food. Jughead, Usagi, etc.. it’s funny when they do it.. they clearly have the fast metabolism to justify it. Also really big or athletic people.

  4. das

    Jokes about the lack of good journalism?

    Not sure if it is what you were going for, but it reminded me of this old one:

    You cannot hope
    To bribe or twist,
    Thank God!
    The British journalist.
    But, seeing what
    The man will do
    Unbribed, there’s
    No occasion to.

  5. admin

    Proteus – that sounds terrible.

    RavenBlack – Yeah, plus it encourages apathy in the democratic process. They’re all jerks so there’s no point in figuring out if any of them are any better.

    ColdFusion – good points!

    Das – I had never heard that. I’ve particularly enjoyed BBC documentary maker, Adam Curtis’ Newswipe pieces on tv journalism like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zucm7Ca7q0

  6. Lightbulb

    The lazy jokes that seem lamest to me are the ones saying that any character who is silly, random, clueless, or hyperactive has attention deficit disorder. I have ADD and I think that some well done jokes about it are great, but the way it tends to be handled most of the time is just lame.

  7. Whatsisname

    I find most “weed humour” to be lazy. All the jokes boil down to “there’s this plant, if you smoke it you get kind of dumb and genial and hungry and so on, and it’s illegal, and IT EXISTS.” I like pot and jokes, but I don’t like jokes about pot, because there’s only one, and it’s barely a joke at all. Also, jokes about how men and women are different. It’s barely even an observation, let alone a joke. And they all boil down to a) “men are stupid” b) “women are crazy”, and the rare, slightly more progressive c) “men are stupid AND women are crazy”. We can do better as a species.

  8. Steve

    Whatsisname: I do like George Carlin’s take on that one. c) + and the reason why women are crazy is because men are stupid.