Fair Sage
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May 15th, 2011

Fair Sage

A couple of years ago my wife and I went to the local fair, the Canadian National Exhibition. It used to be a really big deal but now it’s a bit dodgy and probably more fun because it isn’t totally packed. It has the best fantasy art ride.

Of course the trashy food is part of the attraction.

We didn’t try this. Previous attempts at eating chocolate and bacon together, even gourmet, were not great. The two flavours don’t mix well.

The tornado potato wasn’t nearly as good as it looked.

The bad sign art is also great. Like the cyclops chicken advertising what I assume if GMO fried chicken.

And a lady with no arms and hands because they are hard to draw.

What are you favourite parts of your local fairs and exhibitions?

9 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    Christi paid 20 gold for that big stuffed animal. How much do they normally cost?

  2. Allan V

    Are you kidding? Chocolate-covered bacon is awesome! Maybe you’ve just not had it done right.

  3. admin

    Ribuprissin – You figured out the scam so quickly!

    Allan V – No. I love the two ingredients I just don’t like ’em together. I’ve had gourmet bars, homemade brownies, fancy cookies and cupcakes… just not my thing.

  4. Guy Dupons

    Bacon with chocolate? You really eat that in North America? Well, my stomach is rotating only by thinking about and it must be every cardiologe’s nightmare.

    The lady carries a lot of beer glasses which covers the arms and the hands. The waitresses at the famous October Feast in Munich carries up to 12 glasses this way, each one contents one litre of beer, so they have about 15 kg in each hand!

  5. Kouban

    Is that Emo Phillips holding a letter for the limbless barmaid?

  6. ColdFusion

    awesome.. yeah fairs are great.. all that food.. but the rides are kinda lame, or sickening.. I like it when they have animals 😀 petting zoos are the best.

  7. admin

    Guy – It’s not any worse (health wise) than having a couple strips of bacon as part of a meal and then a brownie for dessert. That photo really does make it look like a hot mess though. grease and sweet? Weird. As for the Octoberfest lady, you’re totally right but I still feel like I should see an elbow or something from that perspective.

    Kouban – Well he does have that joke about standing up on a roller coaster…

    ColdFusion – I haven’t been to a petting zoo in a while, but they did have pony rides at a pick-your-own farm I went to last year. I didn’t ride it. Maybe if it had a horn?

  8. Emma

    I recognize where the armless woman comes from: It’s one of those funhouse thingies with the shifty floors and the big rolling drum to crawl through. The outside facade is Germany themed (the ride itself is called the Kukoo Hause), so it has a Oktoberfest barmaid, Arnold Schwartzinagger, a guy in lederhosen, a guy wearing one of those helmets with the spike from WWI etc.

    I think the thing I like most about the fair is the feeling. It’s this sort of communal feeling that you don’t get anywhere else.

    I like the last question Christi asked (it was really funny) but I’m not sure why she mentioned a lynx in the penultimate panel.
    (what the heck is a tornado potato anyway?)

  9. admin

    Emma – The Lynx was a mis-speak of Sphinx, who is a super smart riddle answerer and giver.