Shadows of Dooooom! – part 36
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November 7th, 2010

Shadows of Dooooom! – part 36

I probably wouldn’t have thought of using a pun on kebab if I didn’t watch so much British tv. Here in North America I only hear kebob. I love their panel game shows like QI, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Nevermind the Buzzcocks and more (plus Doctor Who). Kebab is one of their go-to references for jokes. It sounds like people visit them after they’ve had a few pints and hit the hole in the wall (ATM). Do I have any Brit readers? Where are you all from?

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  1. Andy Tomlin

    You have at least one Brit reading you. I’m not far from London.

    And yes, Kebabs are traditionally the late night, after a few pints, food of choice. Preferably a big greasy Doner Kebab from the sort of establishment that gives you food poisoning just walking past. Usually for the people too plastered to gain entry to the local curry house.

  2. Benvenuto

    Brit reader here, based in Ipswich. Wonder if the King internally exclaimed “Shish!” when that kebab came for him in panel 2… Loving your pun-gent work!

  3. AndyW

    Yep, a Brit here *waves*, from leafy Surrey. That indeterminate bit between London and Brighton 🙂

  4. john bjerk

    Midwest- USA

  5. ColdFusion

    I love me some British TV 😀 we seriously need to get British food more popular over here.
    and by that I mean kebabs, vindaloos, and maybe fish and chips.. not so much steak and kidney pie ^_^’

  6. Bearly There

    So, did they place Sorlock under Kodiak arrest?

  7. Frankie D.

    Yup, another one from Surrey.

    Don’t forget the chilli sauce!

  8. reynard61

    Not British, but I do love me a lot of British TV too! (Doctor Who, Captain Scarlet and pretty much anything else by Gerry Anderson, etc.) I’m currently in Indianapolis, IN.

  9. Hef

    Australia. 🙂

  10. Josefin

    I´m from Sweden.
    And we also have a kebab as a late night snack. 😉

  11. Hoppy

    Mid-west US…. state of Illinois, the Land of Corruption…. someday I’d like to visit England and Wales, that being the place my father’s anscestors came from a century or two ago.

  12. Kim

    New Jersey X)

  13. jack8642

    Korean Reader here! 😀 heh. kebab is the winner as always.

  14. Paul

    Hi hi,

    Just finished catching up again. A pleasure, as always.

    I noticed you’re on the webcomic list
    Maybe you could add a piccy to its entry?

  15. admin

    I’m glad to see a people from all over are finding something on this far away planet to interest them! And in case you haven’t realized from my other posts, I should say I’m in Toronto, Canada.

    Bearly There – nice!

    Kim – Fred Armisen’s Patterson impression has ruined that name for me!

    Paul – thanks for the pointer

  16. werp

    Scotland! (Land of the wild haggis and the deep-fried mars bar) On the theme of late-night snacks, I managed to thoroughly confuse some American friends by talking about a pastie supper. Apparently American pasties are not filled with mash, peas and gravy goodness…

  17. Emile

    I’m from France, Kebab’s the late-night dish of choice in Paris too 🙂

  18. Brendan

    What the British call a “kebab” (and here in the Northeastern US, I’ve always seen it written as “kebab,” pronounced with a broad a, as in “falafel”) is mostly what we would just call a “pita,” or pita pocket, isn’t it?

    And a Persian place is one of the three restaurants open after last call in my town, alongside a pizza place and a Subway. Make of that what you will.

  19. Firethorn

    I’m not British, but on a visit to Cork, Ireland I actually saw one of those places downtown that actually was called “Abrakebabra”. No kidding!
    I was laughing so hard at the pun at the time and believe me or not, but I did have to think of Princess Planet immediately too.

    Funny how the circle closes like this. 😉

  20. admin

    Werp – Nope, it has a whole other meaning.

    Emile – My trip to Paris led me to believe a lot of brasseries closed early. I was wondering what you ate late at night! Thanks for the tip.

    Brendan – Now I’m trying to picture how you say “falafel”. I once stammered over “philiosophical” and gave up and just said “falafel-popsicle”.

    Firethorn – Awesomes!!!

  21. Kim

    The New Jersey he’s talking about is more North Jersey. I’m in South Jersey, which is a lot of farm, fields and the pine barrens 🙂

  22. CatzCradle

    Canadian here~ 😀

  23. das

    Russian here. 🙂

    (Oh, sure, it’s very late, but personally I always enjoy those “country exchanges”. They’re a nice reminder of just how big the Internet is and how diverse any group of people in it would have to be.)

  24. Anonymous

    Detroit, MI, USA… But I watch more BBC than any American networks, they suck… Quite Interesting is possibly the greatest show of all time.

  25. Maltor Drey


  26. Liza

    US -Seattle area. 🙂

  27. Steve

    Corvallis, Oregon, United States.
    Interestingly, one of my two current favorite bands, Approaching Nirvana, is composed (pun intended) of two people from different countries. They did three albums together, then they met in person for the first time.