Shadows of Dooooom! – part 35
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October 31st, 2010

Shadows of Dooooom! – part 35

So turning into shadows actually helped free them from their jail? Even the villain’s plans have some good come of it. Sure, Christi could have come back and saved them directly but now they have a chance to save themselves. The King usually only gets to complain. I really should come up with a name for him at some point. His wife, too. I don’t know whether anyone can even tell at this resolution but even though Christi looks a lot like her mom, she has her dad’s blue eyes instead of her mom’s green eyes.

10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    Mophead looks strangely feminine here.

  2. Hoppy

    What?!?! You’ve had all this time and never named either of them!!? For shame!! And sloth, too!! I hereby proclaim that henceforth, until such time as you properly name them both, that I shall call them King Hoppy and Queen Beatrice!! *horns blaring* “Baa-ba-ba-BAAAA!!”

    (Actually, the King really does look a bit like me, you know, except that my hair is shorter, my moustache does not curl, I’m heavier and much poorer…. oh, and I would have had Mophead beheaded long ago, as well.) 😀

  3. admin

    Ribu – Makeover!

    Hoppy – Yes, but did you notice? No one’s complained they don’t have names, yet. There’s something iconic about them being The King and The Queen.

  4. Hoppy

    Oh, don’t try to confuse me with logic…. it’s far too late for that! My mind is made up. No one is going to complain, either way, since the only one that’ll be calling them King Hoppy and Queen Beatrice will be me and I really doubt anyone else will hear me.

  5. Fat Sweaty

    I think King Hoppy should put Beatrice in charge of picking a new flag for the new post-shade Kingdom.

  6. Dean

    Your Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Cartoonitorial Travelogue was amazing.

    (sat across from you on bus # 2)

  7. Donadl

    Queen Beatrice suits her and also it would make her queen Bea. 😛

  8. Toner

    Beatrix is the name of the Dutch queen. Id name them after some obscure title. it is a easy way to get legitimacy points

  9. Rowen Morland

    I think we need some King Hoppy cosplay pictures of you Hoppy!

  10. Steve

    I think I recall something canon about the king actually liking his puns, but never admitting it, especially not to himself. And it looked like in that last panel his hair grew twice as tall.