Shadows of Dooooom! – part 34
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October 24th, 2010

Shadows of Dooooom! – part 34

Another nice surprise was when I realized that I could bring back Draculove as their undead ally. The vampires need warm-blooded creatures to unlive off of, so they would be eager to help out. I wonder what else the shadows wouldn’t have turned into shades. Golems and robots for sure. What about plant life? How sentient is lettuce? What do you think?

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. ColdFusion

    all I know is lettuce contains an extremely low concentration of a mild drug..

  2. Fat Sweaty

    is it lack of being sentient, or is it a lack of a soul? There could be rock stars that sold their souls, clones and lawyers. Snowman seems to be like a robot to me for some reason. Like he’s alive due to magic and maybe immune to shades. Maybe the Grim reaper is all ticked off too, and he files a grievance with the supernatural union.

  3. EveryZig

    There are rock stars that sold their clones and lawyers? The poor clones just can’t get a break.

  4. Emma

    I can’t believe you’d pass over the humor possibilities inherent in undead lettuce

  5. Steve

    lettuce pause for a moment to think about the wasted opportunity.