Shadows of Dooooom! – part 31
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October 3rd, 2010

Shadows of Dooooom! – part 31

Without cussing (this is a family cartoon) anyone want to come up with their own aliterative insults for Roger? Or all you all a bunch of monkey-minded muck muppets?

14 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    Roger’s awesome. He jumps on the monster’s back, weapon raised, inadvertently defeating the monster — and all this is outshone by his prowess with insults. Just be careful of making him heroic.

  2. Jackson

    Oh man. If he got up to R then he must have done the Q’s. Man.

    Well, here’s one for A: “Agglutination of abscessed aardvark adenoids.” The Many-armed Monster already covered “B”…who’s got “C?”

  3. MDF

    Conglomeration of chancred carbuncles.

  4. .pdf

    Dimwitted Dumbo of a Dorky Dunce

  5. Fat Sweaty

    Equine eyed eater of eagle entrails

  6. Golux

    Not sure what Cat o’Nine Tails would look like in the Princess Universe, but I think we just met Cat o’Eight Hands.

    Flippin’ fingered fatuous furball failure.

  7. admin

    Awesome! Keep ’em coming!

    Ribu – He’s a heroic rogue, moving back and forth between jerk and hero. Like Han Solo. Also, he knows Christi and realizes that helping her is his best chance to get out of there. She always seems to find a way.

  8. JE Draft

    I remember “Lewd crude half-chewed food dude” from “Hook,” but that’s not alliterative, just rhyming.

    Blubber-butt birdbrain bilge-burping barrel of baboon breath!

  9. Jackson

    What up, G? An alliterative insult for the letter G, that’s what.

    Gangly greasy grub-gulping goober-goon.

  10. littlebeast

    Harrowing hamster horking horticultural hogwash!

  11. Nathan

    Illiterate, illegitimate, instigator of ill-formed insults!

  12. E.A.R.

    Just a junky, jaded, jumped-up, jittery jackal juking jury-duty to join a jerry-rigged jellyfish junta in Japan… Jerkwad!

  13. Liza

    “You’re a kinky kooked-up killjoy on an un-killing spree (kause you kan’t even kill right!).”

    … I’m not very good at insults, K?

  14. Darth Cloaked Guy

    Laughable long-limbed lump of llama leftovers!